10 Resolution to make coming year happy and successful

Hello guys!! Was this year successful to the extent you wanted it to be? Was each page out of 365 nicely filled? Well if it was not so then here are some resolutions to make coming year very successful.

Get Into Shape

Easy said than done!!! Isn’t it?? Getting into shape requires a lot of efforts and control over self. Make a strict physical workout and diet routine and don’t consider it as an extra effort but as the lifestyle of your choice. You have the courage to fulfill all your dreams. Don’t lose patience. Shed all extra fat from your body or gain some weight your body needs. Have the looks you always wanted…

Don’t lower your self esteem for anyone

Self Respect is more important than respecting people around us. A person who don’t has self respect is not worthy of respect by anyone. We often tend to lose self respect in order to please people around us, which are very unjustified.
Now you would ask How to maintain self respect?
Don’t laugh over unlikely and disheartening jokes cracked over you among your friends or colleague. It’s a kind of acceptance from your side, about their thinking.
Value your efforts along with the results.
Share your views before people with a proper eye contact and confident gestures.
Set goals to improve yourself every single day.
Appreciate your ideas and feel good about yourself.

Complete your Tasks

We all have a problem of half multitasking. That is doing multiple tasks and leaving all of them incomplete. Not again, complete what you started. Take an oath of completing the task you are assigned. Set deadlines for things you do.

Stop Procrastination

We tend to waste most of our time in procrastination. Not anymore!! It is right that we need a mindset for performing any work or taking a new decision, but wasting a lot of time in over thinking is useless. Instead interacting with people would be rather more beneficial. Be quick in taking decisions. It saves a lot of time.

Schedule every single day

Early to bed, early to rise make a person healthy, wealthy and wise. Let’s follow this famous quote this year. Now waking up does not mean 4:00 in the morning, it may be around 6:00-7:00 depending upon working hours. Sleep at least for 6:00 hours every day. Sleeping and waking should be at similar time each day. It helps to maintain metabolism of body.

Don’t regret your decision

Regretting is the worst phase of anyone’s life. Don’t take decision for regretting afterwards. Be cool and calm before coming to any conclusion. Respect your mindset and decisions. Even if it goes wrong (which happens many a times) it was necessary to teach you a lesson in life. Some lessons are best learned in bad times. Besides this, there is no use of crying over spilt milk. Instead moving on is the best thing you do.

Plan road trips; laugh a little more, go on long walks

Basically do things that are not done from a while. This will bring a new energy in your life. This will make your life more optimistic.

Eat more fibrous food and drink less tea and coffee

Fibrous food is very good for health and mind besides this, it purifies blood. Caffeine enhances anxiety and stress. So this little change in habits will change your life.

Learn a new skill

Leaning is a never ending process. Leaning a new skill is moving a step farther than other people in the same race. It brings the lost enthusiasm in life.

Take a step forward everyday

For a huge success there is a need for desired efforts, day in and day out. Promise yourself to move a step closer to your goal each day.

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