How to save myself from social media addiction??

“I have wasted a lot of time on social media and messaging, from tomorrow I ll not waste any time and will check social media just twice or thrice”
This must have happened with many of us at some point of time or other. And the oath to use less social media is also not followed for very long time. Now I will give you some tips that can easily be implemented from right away and if followed for long time it will be really time and energy saving!!
1) Don’t try to abandon social media otherwise you may end up getting more time wasted after breaking the decision. Use the formula of half filled water glass instead of half empty. Make a strict rule in your life to prioritize the tasks at hand. The task which is most important should be completed first and so on in a hierarchy.
2) Don’t use social media more frequently even for very small amount of time. That reduces concentration. Instead use it for less number of times.
3) Power Off the internet data or wi-fi or mute the notifications. Trust me; this will be the biggest time saver. Even if you don’t tend to open the notifications after seeing, it diverts the mind. It is proved.
4) Every single day give time for hobbies. Using social media is not at all a hobby. Hobbies motivate us to keep working enthusiastically and being lively. Find out the reason of your happiness in life.
5) Don’t replace break time with starring at phones and laptops time. After working for long continued hours, brain and body needs rest. Our biggest faults are to engage in phones and laptops at that time. Meditate or take a nap instead. Go out and enjoy nature peace. Observe people. There is much to do.
6) Read every day. Be it single page of a book, reading gives broad perception. That enables to be more practical and efficient in life. Most successful people in world are obsessed with books.
7) Give yourself target for every week, every day, every hour. A target less person leads to a purposeless life. Nobody has a target of wasting 10 hours on social media. So it will straightly reduce wasteful time.
I read a very motivating quote somewhere which goes like, ”Life is ticking away a minute at a time, enjoy it, live it, love it ”
Try these yourselves; your life will be more liberal and free. Share if you liked and found these tips useful!!

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