Quit Social Media

I have 5 solid reasons to make you believe that quitting social media will be a boon for you.
Reason 1:
Realize that social media is just a means of entertainment you are putting all your energy into. It is not a real world. The friends you make on social media are generally not the one who ends up as real time friends. And don’t take quitting social media as taking a social stand. It is just that start preferring other sources of entertainment that will really benefit you.
Reason 2:
Your success does not depend on social media. People will found you anyway. We never search people on social media directly, firstly we hear about them from real sources such as magazines and newspapers and then to know more about them we use social media. So whether you are on social media or not, if you have done something meaningful people will find a way to you.
Reason 3:
You may be using social media for fun in moderate amounts but still it reduces your capacity and efficiency. It increases anxiety in lives of people. Just think from a broader perspective what the hell you are doing with your time. Waiting for the content of people less useful to you and more beneficial to others!! Is that really your worth?? Well you know better.
Reason 4:
The life without social media is very liberating. It is the life that a few people choose. Others are just doing the same thing. Initially it would be difficult to leave but as the time passes, you will appreciate your decision. You will be more happy and free without social media.
Reason 5:
Social media is distracting!! Even if we use it for a little amount of time, social media reduces concentration. More work can be done by concentrated efforts. Why should one carry social pressure over so many pressures already present in life?
Well now the choice is yours!!!

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