What makes Google Allo better than other messaging apps?

Google Allo is a smart messaging application developed by Google for android and IOS mobile Operating System. It has a beautiful and user friendly interface.
It has a smart reply feature which is also a feature of Gmail. This feature allows Allo to generate automatic replies based on the user past replies and messages.
Unlike other apps which suggest predefined replies such as thanks!, hello, Not Sure, Google Allo generates suggestions based on content received as well as recipient writing style.
The most distinguishing feature of Google Allo is that it also gives emoji preferences unlike other messaging platforms. If you use more of emojis while talking to friends, Allo suggestion will also be same for friends. And if you do not use much of it while talking to your boss, recommendation will differ for your boss.
It uses machine learning to generate smart replies. Initially this application may not give perfect and desirable replies, but the more it is used, it gets more adapted to the replying style of the user.
It has a Google Assistant feature that is a virtual assistant that allows user to have a two way conversation. It may answer many of the user queries.
It also has a whisper shout feature that allows resizing the messages in order to show its relevance.
In the busy time schedule, Automated and smart replies is life saver!!